Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Swagbucks Widget

The Swidget is the perfect tool for any Swagbucks user to embed on their own blog, webpage, social networking site, or anywhere else you'd like. The Swidget has many features to help boost your Swagbucks total by giving you exclusive codes and new referalls.

To get the Swidget:

To get the Swidget for your own page, visit the Swagbucks homepage and click the "Widget" option in the Quick Links box to the left of the page. From here, simply click "Get Widget" and copy the given Javascript or Flash code. You can now paste this as html wherever you want to attract more interest to Swagbucks.

Swagcodes on the Swidget:

The Swidget not only contains exclusive Swagcodes, it also alerts you of any active Swagcodes throughout Swag nation. To check for a Swagcode, click the fourth option from the left, labeled "Swag codes." If there are any active Swagcodes available, it will either give you the code directly, give you a hint as to where it is located, or tell you directly where you can find the code.

You can also use the Swidget to show visitors posts from the Swagbucks Blog, or some of the prizes located in the Swagstore. Combined with your referall link, the Swidget is a great tool to raise interest in the most rewarding website around.